AP000 Autumnz Passion Double Breastpump (with rechargeable batteries)

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Autumnz - PASSION Convertible Double Electric/Manual Breastpump  (with rechargeable batteries)

1) Double pump 

2) bolehguna Elektrik, Bateridan free manual pump!! 

3) warna yang cantik dan sangat ringan – Mudah nak bawa ke mana-mana sahaja.

4) Ada lcd screen-so ibu-ibu boleh tengok masa berapa lama dah pump, nak buat power pumping pun lebih mudah.

5) Touch Screen

6) Pump ni ada dua motor tau maksudnya setiap satu breast shield satu motor dah mcm ada dua pump single dah ni. Jadi tidak adalah ibu rasa suction slow atau tidak sekata.

7) Ada special mode Double Alternate iaitu sebelah sedut sebelah lepas - SANGAT2 BEST, xde lagi kat mana-mana pump. Kalau nak yg pump terus serentak pun boleh ikut keselesaan ibu2 ye.

8) Autumnz merupakan pembekal barangan penyusuan ibu terbesar di Malaysia- ibu2 tak perlu risau cari spare part atau nak service

Convertible to a manual pump!

FREE Power Bank Cable (can be used with Power Bank as an alternative power source)

Autumnz PASSION Double Electric Breastpump comes with the following features:

2-Stage Pumping : 'stimulation' & 'pumping' stages for effective & efficient pumping

Anti Backflow Device : To prevent milk contamination

Convertible - Can be converted to a manual pump by attaching a manual knob (provided FREE in the pack)

Multi Suction Levels : 9 suction levels to choose from

4 Pumping Modes - Single Left, Single Right, Double Simultaneous and Double Alternate

2 Independent Motors and Valves : optimum suction & performance

LCD Display - informative time display for user

Touch Screen Panel - flexible and user-friendly touch screen for ease of use

Dual Power Source :  main electric power or batteries (FREE built in battery casing)

Ultrasoft Silicone Massage Breast Shield : with comfortable massage bubbles design

Light, Compact & Portable : only 500g and with quiet motor unit

Bottle Adaptor - Free 2 bottle adaptors so can pump into wide neck or standard neck bottles

User Friendly: easy to assemble, use and clean

Autumnz PASSION Double Electric Breastpump comes with 2-Stage Pumping to mimic baby's natural suckling pattern.

What is 2-Stage Pumping?

While breastfeeding, babies suck in 2 very clear stages:

- fast and light sucking to start your milk flowing

- slower and deeper sucking to get as much milk as quickly as possible


Autumnz PASSION Double Electric Breastpump has the following 2-Stage pumping ability to encourage higher level of milk production:

Stage 1 – Stimulation Stage (Suction 1,2,3,4) – short & fast rhythm with lighter suction to activate milk letdown

Stage 2 – Pumping Stage (Suction 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) - slower rhythm with deeper suction to encourage maximum milk flow

The combination of these 2 stages will produce quicker let down and encourage milk flow.

Happy Breastfeeding!

*Comes with 1 year warranty period*

Happy Review:


I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to test out this pump for Autumnz for the past 14 months before their official launch. I have dilligently used this fantastic pump when breastfeeding my 3rd child and it has been such a breeze with Autumnz Passion Double Electric Pump. It is quiet, efficient, lightweight but most importantly successfully delivers what it promises. I have performed countless sessions of 'power pumping' with this pump and it has supported me throughout while ticking all boxes! With my other 2 children, I have only managed to breastfeed them till 1 year old but with my 3rd child, thanks to Autumnz Passion Double Electric Pump, I am still breastfeeding my baby. I particularly love the 'Double Alternate' mode where it automatically pumps both breasts in an alternate manner in a very soothing yet effective way. Love it and will definitely recommend it!

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